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Bowar raises his head from the hole to see what is
happening. A tank is burning. Several bodies lie sprawled
along the sides of the road. There is no sign of life.

Riflemen Book Reviews

What do other WW-II infantrymen think of this book? Among the many testimonials is this one from Paul Wible who, as a member of L-407, carried a BAR in the Welz battle.

This book is the best description of what our combat experience was like in Company L as well as in Company K. We should all get a copy and write a note in the front stating that this is what it was like in combat. Fifty years from now, if our descendants want to know what their great-grandfathers went through, this book will tell them.

Paul Wible, Co. L Newsletter, April 1996

Although men who experienced combat in WW2 were huge influences in our lives — they were our fathers, scoutmasters, little league coaches, and school teachers — they seldom spoke, to us at least, about their roles in war. Riflemen cracks opens a door to that chamber of their minds. Now, for the first time, learning of some experiences that molded teenage boys into the men we knew growing up, I better understand and appreciate who they are. Dad, and all other combat veterans... thank you.

Joe Haubenreich, a son, September 2008

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