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Bullets from long bursts of machine gun fire are now
cracking all around us. Mortar shells begin exploding
just behind us.... The bullets and shells are taking their toll.

Riflemen — Life & Death in WW-II Infantry

by Paul N. Haubenreich, Sr. and William L. Schaible

True stories of combat in the words of infantrymen who fought their way across Germany in 1944-45 as members of the Second Platoon, K Company, 407th Infantry Regiment.
    More than a dozen veterans of the Second Platoon made significant contributions, then reviewed and commented on the combined narrative. The outcome is an authentic picture; not only of the fear, courage, and pain attending life-or-death fighting, but also of everyday life in the European Theater of Operations.

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In many ways it reads like a good war novel, except it is real life — the physical, psychological and emotional sacrifices of so many, made to protect us from the evil in this world”

Content Excerpts

  1. Preparing for Overseas
  2. Crossing the Atlantic
  3. Moving to the Front
  4. First Shots
  5. Ederen
  6. Welz
  7. Holding the Line
  8. Attacking Across the Roer and to the Rhine
  9. Sweeping from the Rhine to the Elbe
  10. Awaiting Transport to Japan

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